Deng Infotech provide software solutions in various field of business. We have provide following set of solutions:

  • e-Shopping Platform platforms
  • Business Websites
  • School / College Management Solutions
  • Billing Software
  • Food Delivery Mobile App
  • Hospital Management
  • Rental Websites (Home / Car/ Clothes)

As per the number of solutions available in market, we support at various level of technology like:

  • php
  • JAVA
  • WordPress
  • Asp.Net

As per our last seven year experience we suggest you to select right technology as per available resources. Software development is continuous process no one can develop any innovative model in first attempt. We suggest everyone to consult similar solutions first than shortlist your requirement.  Once requirement get finalize than selection of technology or tool is another important factor which will be suggest by us as per your requirements. We suggest not to get any hard new tool as helping hands are very less for new or hard tools.

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