Computer / Electronics / Electrical / Civil

Deng Infotech provide research solutions in various field of Engineering. We have provide Ph.d solution in following branches only:

  • Computer Science
  • Electronics
  • Electrical
  • Civil
  • Material Science

As per the number of solutions available in market, we support at various level of work like:

  • Topic Selection
  • RDC
  • Implementation
  • Paper writing
  • Publication (Conferences, International Journal, UGC, Scopus, SCI)
  • Dissertation / Thesis Writing
  • Guidance for Final Viva

As per our last seven year experience we suggest you to select right topic as per available resources. Research is continuous process no one can develop any innovative model in first attempt. We suggest everyone to consult your mentor while you are stage of topic selection. Once topic get finalize than selection of technology or tool is another important factor where student / scholar block. We suggest not to get any hard new tool as helping hands are very less for new or hard tools.


Privacy Preserving Mining In this field of research data owner outsource its data set to third party for either storage, analysis, etc. Now issue is that third party can misuse this dataset, so data owner simply modify some of the information which are sensitive, this act as reverse process of mining where after finding information hide the information so sensitive rules may not be revealed. Some of techniques of of doing privacy preserving mining are Perturbation, Noise addition, substitution, etc.

Load Balancing In this field people can balance the input task of either of single machine, cloud, server, distributed system, etc. Here this field broadly divide into two set first is static solution and other is dynamic solution. Dynamic load balancing is prior requirement of the work. Here people need to balance dynamic (requirement of multiple machine, memory, processor,etc.) process as this is real behavior of systems. Here multiple techniques were adopt by the users like SJF, PSO, SRTF, priority queue, etc.

Geo-Spatial Mining Here data obtain in form of signals or images were analyzed. Main motive of this field is to predict the geographical conditions, some rate of changes in forest, sea, glacier, etc. Here images obtained from satellite like SAR, TandemX, Biotope, etc. help in study of this field of mining. Latest use of geo-spatial data for crop yield prediction was also done where various sort of neural network were used for learning and prediction of crop yield like spiking Neural Network, Error Back Propagation Neural Network, etc.

Text Mining Here researcher can find information from bulk data of text in form of news, stories, blogs, comments, etc. Here various data sets are available for the application of text mining where classification of similar files were done, document arrangement was done for fast fetching, abstract preparation, sentiment understanding, etc. Number of clustering approaches were adopt for clustering, some researcher adopt genetic algorithms, while some adopt tree or graph structure. Text mining is commonly use in various other field of mining.
data mining
Word Sense Disambiguation WSD This is upcoming field of research which is new and complex as it required to transform the text of particular language to other. Here complexity arise as most of word has multiple meaning as per situation so leaning of those and replacing specific one is tough. This is dynamic in nature as languages are different and there word dictionary is increasing day by day. Hence some machine learning methods were suggest by the researcher like SVM, Neural Network, SOM, etc. but they are not sufficient. So its an open platform where large work need to be required, as efficiency of specific language with particular set of sentences were applied where general strategy was not adopt.

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